September 12,2014. 22:41


I miss the way it felt when would see you and red would splash all over my body like heat waves of excitement

When your arms were like pillars holding up the night sky from crashing darkness all around me.

Now when I look at you all I see is the future resentment we will hold for each other…

Observations on a train going nowhere


Women. Appearance is our trademark. Women with hair long, shaved bald, cropped, bobbed, wavy, curly, straight. Women with long skirts, mini skirts, jeans, shorts, skorts, be low the knee, above the knew, a line, high waisted, patterned, bright, simple, shapes. Women with painted nails and bare…



1. How you doin, baby, beautiful, gorgeous, sexy, ect.
-fuck off.
2. Has anyone ever told you you’re beautiful, gorgeous, fine, ect.
-fuck off.
3. Do you have a boyfriend.
-that’s irrelevant.
-fuck off.
4. Can I have your number/can you take mine?

Note to self


You are in process.
How dare you disrespect yourself.
How dare you shoot yourself down at every chance you get
How dare you chop yourself up as less than.
There are billions of people on this earth but there is also a you.
You are important
You are valid
You are passionate
You need to…